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1. Provide Your Company Details

Form your corporation or LLC online by filling out the quick questionnaire so we can learn your company’s important details.

2. We Review Your Information

Our attorneys will review your company information checking for mistakes, errors, or omissions. If we need additional information from you, we’ll give you a call.

3. We Register Your Business

Next we register your corporation or LLC with the California Secretary of State and send the official documents back to you.

“Now you can start running your business knowing it was properly formed by a licensed California attorney.”

We’ve gotten pretty good at helping people launch their businesses.

We’ll Be There For You For A Lifetime

My Express Company will be there to support you throughout the lifetime of your business.

Crafted By Top Business Attorneys

Our attorneys continually maintain our documents to be up to date with the latest legal requirements.

Why Use My Express Company
by The Wilkerson Law Office?

Quick & Easy

Forming your business with My Express Company is quick because the process is highly automated. If you already know what type of business entity you need to form, you’re on the right track. We’ll just review it for you to look for any legal issues that may be a problem later. The turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks from the time you hit send.

We Help You Plan For The Future

We want to see you succeed and thrive well into the future, so we’re going to help you set up to be able to do just that. When you first start a company, it can be overwhelming and it is hard to plan for the future. My Express Company is here to help; we’ll do everything we can to set you up for growth and financial success.

We Are A Law Firm

There are many businesses out there like LegalZoom or that will facilitate the business formation process, but they are NOT licensed attorneys. If you read the fine print, they state very clearly that they are not giving legal or financial advice.

At My Express Company, we are licensed attorneys and WE REVIEW YOUR LEGAL DOCUMENTS. We will correct any mistakes we find and if we need more information, we’ll pick up the phone and call you.

Attorney Review Gives You Extra Protection

Doing your own research is great and highly recommended, but there is nothing more secure than having your legal documents reviewed by a licensed California attorney. There are issues we see everyday that we want to protect you from. Our goal is to form your company right so you can focus about running your business.

Why Can’t I Use My Express Company to Form a Business with Multiple Owners?

If you are forming a company with more than one owner, we should all sit down and talk about how you want your company to function and what everybody’s role will be. You have to consider the worst case scenario, and spell out what to do if that situation occurs.

What happens if one of the owners wants to leave the company? Can he or she sell their interest in the company? Does the remaining member get to say yes or no to the sale? These scenarios need to be addressed discussed with all parties and then reflected in your Operating Agreement or Bylaws.

The Relationship Starts Now And We’ll Be Here For A Lifetime

This is just the beginning of our attorney-client relationship. This is the stage where we get to know you, but we’ll be here well into the future. We want to continue to partner with you to ensure your success.

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